121 Personal Training

Personal fitness has become a critical role in the day to day lives of each and every person. Obesity levels are rising, and by 2025 it is anticipated that 38% of both Men and Women will be obese. Urban BodyFit can help you avoid being one of those statistics!

Training in a Leisure Centre or commercial gym can be very intimidating, especially for people who consider themselves overweight and generally unfit. Also, the older we get the less confident we become in these sorts of environments. At Urban BodyFit our personal trainers offer a number of options, from home personal training or Boxercise lessons privately at our purposely designed training studio. There are lots and lots of ways and things we can do to get you on the road to a healthier you!

With a team of highly trained professionals that are headed by Scott, we make sure that we bring the fun back into training and, at the same time, we make the sessions effective. Every one of our clients is entitled to a free consultation to agree on personal fitness and food goals. The sessions are highly personalised and so are the meal plans. Everything is built around you and the goals you have in mind.

Why Choose Personal Training

  • Better health and better physical appeal are just some of the reasons why people engage in training. With personal training, you incorporate exercise and healthy eating in a safe and guided platform with a professional. It makes your goals easier to achieve and the process is less overwhelming.
  • Personal training allows you to be the focal point of the process more like study. Your progress is closely tracked and tweaks made when necessary.
  • With personal training, you have all the equipment, resources and attention you need and, you don’t have to invest in your own gym. It is cheaper and a lot more effective longer term.

Scott, the trainer I got was amazing. I came in a little early for my first session out of nerves but Scott calmed me down got me to loosen up and the attention given through the session was very commendable. Sorry, I still get there early. But, just because I can’t wait for the next session! Amanda Greene, Leicester