5 Benefits of Strength Training For Women

As one of the leading male and female personal trainers in Leicestershire, a number of women ask me “Scott will lifting weights make me bigger and muscular?” this post highlights the 5 benefits why women should lift weights! While men are known to practice strength training a lot more, women can also stand to benefit greatly from the same kind of exercise and with plenty of benefits too. Weight training is more than just working on your cardio. There is a lot more that strength training presents for the woman that is willing to spend some time in the gym and break a sweat. Here are the five greatest rewards that are associated with strength training in women.

  1. You get to shed the pounds

The main reason why people exercise and especially women is not to build muscle but to lose the extra pounds of fat. Studies have found that a woman who trains about three times a week for two months is able to gain two pounds of muscles and lose up to 3.5 pounds of fat. Strength and condition training helps to shed off those unwanted fat pockets while toning your muscles and tightening up those lose parts of the skin.

  1. Helps to manage chronic conditions

If you suffer from conditions like back pain, obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis and even depression, strength training can help to mitigate the symptoms. It is a good idea to first consult with your physician in case you suffer from these or any other conditions. They can also advice you on the best exercises that would help best with your condition.

  1. You get stronger without gaining bulk

Every woman wants to be stronger in every aspect of the word. But, the downside is, with respect to physical strength, it might come with some unwanted bulk. But, with strength training you can work on your capability without adding muscle which can takeaway femininity. Bodily, women secret 30 times less hormone compared to men. That means that with resistance training, they develop muscle tone, strength and definition without the risk of gaining size.

  1. Better metabolism

As you constantly work you build your lean muscle which consequently means that your metabolism will also improve. Your system will be more effective and have the ability to torch more calories throughout the day. In case you need to burn some calories, you will find that a healthy metabolism will be a great asset.

  1. Enhance your mental strength

It needs no introduction that women use a larger part of their brain compared to the men. They are able to multi-task better and remember better. But, that does not mean that there is no room for improvement. Just as is the case with men, resistance training helps to improve mental strength in women. It helps to improve aspects like concentration, confidence and self-esteem all of which can be critical to the survival and thriving of the modern day woman.

The next time you hit the gym and take on those resistance bands, you’re not only doing it to cut down the weight or build a better-looking skin, there is a lot more that you stand to gain. Not only do you enjoy better mental and overall health and a stronger body but, you also improve your bone density and even your self-esteem. Now you have five more reasons to want to hit the gym or keep up with your resistance training!

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