5 Myths about Training for Seniors

It is common knowledge that there are a lot of benefits that are associated with exercise. However, as you grow older and your muscles age, most people start believing that exercise is not the way for them Many people get lift solutions installed in their house for mobility. Little do they know, that even at old age, exercise can play a significant role in helping you live a stronger and happier life. The myths that have been constantly preached and it is about time that the truth was uncovered. Here are 5 of the most common myths that riddle training and seniors.

  1. Myth: I’m Too Old for Exercise to be of help to me

Research has proven that exercise is good for just about anyone at any age. Simply put it is never too late for you to start exercising. For the seniors, exercise has been shown to help them look and feel younger. Health wise, it helps to reduce the risks of contracting Alzheimer’s diabetes and heart disease. Even if you’re aged, exercise is still very beneficial to you.

  1. Myth: Exercise increases the chances of falling down in seniors

Given that balance diminishes with age, falling down has been attributed to exercise. However, this is just another fallacy. Exercising helps to improve strength and coordination at any age. All of these are factors that help to reduce the chances of falling down. In any case, exercise can be attributed to better muscle functioning and balance. Even in the seniors.

  1. Myth: Seniors need to rest more and exercise less

Even at old age, a sedentary lifestyle is not healthy. It is particularly dangerous for people over 50 years. The more inactive one is, the higher their chance of requiring more visits to the doctor, require more frequent medication and even hospitalisations. You can cut back on all these by throwing in a couple of hours exercise and adopting an active lifestyle.

  1. Myths: Disabled adults can’t exercise sufficiently enough

This is perhaps one of the most construed facts about exercising in old age. Whether you have your full physical capacity or disabled, there is no doubt that you need exercise to keep a strong and healthy body. Even though the ability to work out might be limited, that does not mean that you shouldn’t exercise altogether. The best part is, there are so many types of exercise that you can try out.

  1. Myth: It’s too late. I’ve grown too old

Well, this is more of an assumption but nonetheless a myth that needs to be clarified. The truth is, as age passes by, you start thinking of the things that you can and can’t do. One of the things you’re more likely to strike out is exercise. But, it is never too old to start working out. Your body could use the benefits of exercise at any age. It is never too late for you to get started. As long as you start off with the right exercises.

Myths and facts aside, exercise should be part and parcel of every person. The only difference would be the options that you can choose from. As you grow older, you might not be able to participate in a marathon or do a bench press. But, you can participate in aerobics, walking and other exercises that are better suited for your age. Don’t let myths and misconceptions misguide you. Make your lifestyle a stronger and livelier one, Urban BodyFit trainers can help you with personal training so get in touch today!

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