Best Place to live in Leicester

If you’re looking for a great place with plenty of greenery and buzz to life to start a new, Leicester could be the best place for you. There are quite a number of reasons why people still opt to live and work in this city that is the holder of the sustainable European City. Among them is the diverse living arrangement to fit any kind of person. Whether you’re looking for something affordable, shared living or a high-end apartment, you will find your preferred situation well catered for in Leicester. All you have to do is pick the area you would like to start your new life. These five are the best places for you get started.

Clarendon Park

Clarendon Park is a great place to live. The fact that it is usually preferred by doctors and other professionals paints a very good picture of what you should expect from the neighbourhood they have lovely Victorian House designs. Even though parking can be a tedious sometimes, the surrounding and the serenity of the environment more than makes up for it. If you would like to have a bigger and posher house and perhaps better parking, Stoneygate which is on the other side of the Road from Clarendon should more than do the trick for you. You will also get to enjoy the wide mix of shops, cafes, and other essential facilities. This place is thriving with students, hey if you are a student, why not read our best student places to visit blog post!


If you’re looking for affordable living or shared living, Oadby could be a great place for you. It has a great reputation for schools that definitely means that there is a lot of affordable housing for the students. That could also mean affordable living space for you and especially if you’re open to shared living. The locality is close to the city so you don’t have to worry about putting mileage on the car every time you need to get into the city.

South Knighton

If you would like to have another great experience with shared living, South Knighton is a great place. Why? You have easy access to the city by car or bus, especially from the ring road. If you can stand the bus, you can put off having to buy a car for now which saves you a whole load of money. You can also get to explore the benefits of shared living since there are plenty of students here as well.

Narborough Road

Affordable housing with the option of sharing, plenty of shops presenting you with enough areas to shop around and job opportunities in case you need a job fast and with minimal requirements. If you love mingling and meeting new people from different backgrounds, Narborough Road is again the best option for you. It happens to be one of the most multicultural high streets in the UK so you will also have a great blend while here.

Evington Road

If the housing prices are not much of a concern, then Evington Road could be a great place for you. It might be a little noisier but life there has more of a buzz and you definitely have all the amenities that you will need there.

Leicester is a great place for you to live. There are plenty of neighbourhoods for you to choose from depending on your preference, the budget you have and perhaps proximity to the city or presence of ring roads. Whatever your criteria are, you will find some great place for you to stay.

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