4 Signs that Indicate You Need to Change Your Work out Routine

The biggest problem most people usually have is staying in their comfort zone too long and hence foregoing the results that come with switching things up. Once you find a workout routine that you’re happy with, most people will tend to stick with it way past its time. Knowing when to try something new in your workout routine is very important and will help you continue with a good level of results. There are signs that will usually pop up to let you know that you need to change things up but in most cases, we never notice. Here are four of those signs.

  1. The workout has become boring

What seemed so interesting at first now needs you to get in the right state of mind, keep reminding yourself that you need to get back on it and it is not as exciting as it was. Everything has become very boring. Just like anything else, sticking to one workout routine will make it boring with time.

Changing things up does not usually mean that you will have to change out the whole routine. It can be as simple as bringing some music with you or tagging a friend along. If that does not work or works for a short time then you find yourself in the same fix again, then it is definitely time to change the whole routine. Have you looked at trying boxcerise? There are a number of benefits with boxercise!

  1. You have hit a plateau with your results

The biggest challenge with using one workout is that you always work the same muscles. At some point, with the same intensity and work out times, you’re going to hit a plateau and you will no longer get the results that match the work you’re putting in. The body is an interesting phenomenon because it has the capacity to adapt to these exercises which is why change is vital.

You can start by throwing a different variety into the existing routine like increasing the speed, length of workout times or resistance of the work out and if that doesn’t work out, you always have the option of trying out an entirely new routine.

  1. You’re more sore and tired after the workout than before

This can be the most confusing sign to decipher. Most people believe that if a workout is making you tired then it is still working. While that might be true to some extent in other cases, increased fatigue from the same workout means you’re overworking yourself and the workout is not good for you at the time. The body is able to repair and rebuild during the rest periods and without enough rest time, you become weaker instead of stronger. It does not necessarily mean that in this case you have to change everything up, but you will definitely need to add more rest time to your routine.

  1. You don’t find challenge in the workout anymore

This is very straightforward. A workout is supposed to be challenging. This level of difficulty is what helps to build the body and work on toughness. If it is no longer challenging then it is not helping you in any way.

It is usually good to have a trainer who can help with switching things up every once in a while and at Urban Bodyfit, we can help you with that.

4 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

When it comes to losing weight, there is a lot of misinformation why people are not able to lose weight. There are quite a number of reasons why weight loss could be becoming elusive to you. In most cases, people are trying to sell you a product or a service that will help you lose weight, in other cases people could be knowingly or unknowingly repeating wrong information they could have learned from online sources or in school. Knowing why you’re not losing weight is very important which is why I want to set the record straight and share my top four reasons why you’re not losing weight.

  1. You’re not eating the right food

When it comes to food, you’ve probably heard of the diet sodas and diet foods that are purportedly meant to help you lose weight while in fact, they might be helping you to pack more pounds instead of losing. Another misconception that is commonly touted is the absolute importance of calories when losing weight and that weight loss is about the deficit between the calories you take and the amount used.

The food you eat has a lot to do with weight loss. The functions and essence of 1200 calories of soda and an equal amount of calories from spinach is very different. While soda calories will spike insulin levels causing the body to store more fat, spinach is filled with vitamins and minerals that are essential to weight loss.

The diet of an average American is mainly composed of processed food instead of real foods like our grandparents call them. Organic, vegetables, organic oils, wild seafood, starches and organic foods are essential when you’re trying to lose weight. When trying to lose weight, you’re better off eating more vegetables than cereals and starch.

  1. Lack of enough exercise focusing on weight loss

It is important to understand the science behind losing weight and how over exercising and stress can affect your weight loss goals. During stress, your body is high on Cortisol which makes losing weight very hard. As opposed to the notion that cardio is the best way to lose weight, it is actually resistance training that can help you lose more weight. If you’re looking to lose weight, deadlifts, circuit training and heavy lifting are among the best workouts. Boxercise training also scores highly in terms of losing weight.

You only need to make sure that you work as hard as possible but only for short durations. While working out, remember to always listen to your body.

  1. Not getting enough sleep

Who thought that sleeping could actually help you lose weight? By sleeping, you give your body ample time to heal itself. The effect of losing weight is achieved while you sleep after hitting the gym. In fact, there are studies that have been released that show that people who sleep for less than six hours a day lose less weight compared to people who sleep more than 8 hours a day.

  1. You’re not drinking enough water

Water plays a myriad of roles in the body and one of them is bumping up the rate of metabolism. A slight increase in dehydration can lead to symptoms like headaches, muscle cramps and even dizziness and slow down metabolism. To allow your body function optimally, you need sufficient amounts of water. You need to drink more water when it’s hot outside, when you’re exercising and when you take alcohol or caffeine.

If you’re looking to achieve your weight loss goals, these tips will help you on your way. Contact Urban BodyFit Today!

How to get Your Summer Body in 3 Months

Getting in shape for the summer and for that bikini is a process that takes hard work, the right diet and dedication to working out. As hard as that might sound, it is even harder to accomplish and actually get the work done. But, worry not. At Urban Bodyfit, we have the perfect solutions that will help you get in shape for the summer. We know each of our clients is unique so we have unique options to help you tone down and muscle up!

1-2-1 Personal Training

If you have been to a public gym before, then you know how intimidating that can be. It is even worse if you’re out of shape and you don’t feel comfortable with your body. With 1-2-1 personal training, you can have a more personalised approach to getting fit and you have more attention dedicated to you to help you achieve your results with better ease and more time. There are plenty of options that you can settle on but one thing is for sure. You will have a keen eye looking out for you, motivating you and assisting you whenever you need it. Why should you go for the 1-2- personal training?

  • Other than just being able to get in shape, with personal training you have a professional that is guiding you in terms of exercise and healthy eating and making sure that everything is above board. You will find that the process is less overwhelming for you and your goals become more achievable.
  • Your progress is tracked and tweaked according to the observations made so the exercises are more beneficial to you and to the process.
  • You will have all the equipment and resources at your disposal for a fraction of the price. No need to invest in your own equipment and make it more expensive for you to get into shape.

Circuit Training

If you’re really intent on getting your summer body in 3 months, then circuit training is the best approach that you can use. A mixture of HIIT, weight and resistance training, this is a gruesome program that will shed those fat pockets, torch the calories and help you get a great tone. There are plenty of benefits that come with Circuit Training that you might not find elsewhere like;

  • It is time-saving – if you find it hard to schedule time for working out, Circuit training will certainly help. Because of the intensity of this type of workout, the workout times are short but the results are significant. You don’t need to get a chunk of your time off the schedule.
  • Works your entire body – You don’t need to pick workouts for each part of your body. With circuit training, your entire body will be sculpted in one move. If you have precise goals, the trainers can tweak the workouts to help you achieve exactly that.
  • Better results – a great looking body is fine but a high capacity cardio to go with that body is excellent. With Circuit training, you will be able to achieve both without dedicating more time.

Don’t let excuses hold you back. It is possible to get that summer body just the way you want it. There are various options that are available and all you need to do is pick one that works best for you.

Why Go to a Fitness Bootcamp?

For most people, the dream of having the perfect body remains just that – a dream! With all the up and downs of modern living, staying true to a fitness regimen can prove to be a handful. But, fitness experts are always coming up with new ways to make sure that you’re able to get the best results out of the little time you have on your hands. One of these ways is having Fitness Boot camps. They perfect if you’re looking to have great results in a short amount of time. Here is why you need to jump into a fitness boot camp program.


Having friends around can help you push harder and longer. If your friends are not willing to tag along, worry not. You will be able to make new friends in no time because you will find people that are after the same goal as you. You’re going to make life long bonds as you watch each other succeed and the genuine concern of seeing other ladies fair through the program will definitely pull you together.

You get to see the outdoors

Most people might not be fans of the outdoors but if you’re dressed for the occasion and the weather is right, it can be a total fanfare. It makes it even better when you’re in a group that is ready to get into it and at the end of the day, you’re feeling great. Forget the depressing mirrors in a gym that remind you of how unfit you are. The outdoors allows you to lose track of time and the workouts seem shorter and more fun.


You have new friends and a group that is expecting you to show up and keep the sisterhood going. They need you to show up and you’re accountable to them. Naturally, you will work harder compared to doing the workout alone. You also have the motivation of the instructor and your new found friends to keep you going even when you’re tired. The result is you get better results for your hard work.


If you’re an avid attendee of boot camps, you can rest assured that your fitness levels will improve. The instructor will constantly make the challenges harder and this means that you have progress in your goals. The best thing is you might not even notice the exercise got harder so you’re more likely to put in the same amount of effort. Ideally, the results are usually more impressive especially if you’re consistent.

It’s Fun

Unlike other types of fitness training, fit camps are about having fun while at it. There are many different workouts the instructor can incorporate including games that you can enjoy. The fact that your friends are around and that you can relax a bit in the great outdoors definitely adds to the fun factor. You can also take a crack at seeing how some of your friends tackle the courses and the workouts as they do the same to you.

Fit camps are a great way to get in shape without the pressure to perform. There are so many added benefits to attending a boot camp that most people will eventually forget that they were going to lose weight. It is great to achieve without pressuring yourself and having to look at yourself in the mirror every five minutes.

Students Guide Leicester

Being a student doesn’t mean that you’re limited to classes, books and tests. There is a lot more to being a student and Leicester is the embodiment of the perfect student life. Being broke, eating on a budget and top quality educational institutions. You will have it all while here. But, to get rid of the learning curve, you will need a guide that will show you the best spots to make the most out of your student life. Whether you’re looking for a great University or a nice place to take down a Jaggerbomb, Leicester has something for you. This little guide shares all the secrets.


There are two exquisite institutions of higher learning in Leicester. The De Montfort University and the University of Leicester. Both are excellent institutions of learning with integrated sports facilities which include swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms and sport halls. For students that are looking for the great night city life, DMU might be a better fit. It is closer to the city and you get hundreds of Bars and even on campus pubs. If you are not sure where to live, check our best places to live in Leicester guide,


The only thing that gets students ticking after a long lecture is some time to get out and get drunk. Thanks to the wide collection of bars and pubs, this will not be a problem. You can get Jaggerbombs for about £1 at the Students’ Union. If you’re in the mood for something different say cocktails, Turtle Bay will offer you the best deals. It’s at St Peters Square. Other options that you might also want to consider are The Orange Tree and The Attic. These two are great if you would like some state of the art cocktails to highlight your night.


Nothing highlights a great campus life that mouth-watering, calorie packed and taste bud bursting food. It is even better if it comes with a student friendly budget. Cured on Friar Lane has the best burgers and booze. You can also drop by at Meatcure or Crafty Burger for more of the same menu. For the sweet tooth, drop by at Gelato Village. The shop is in St Martins Square and has been voted the best gelataria in the UK.

Looking for a nice place to take a girl you like? Casa Romana has the best tables for two that you can ask. They also have great authentic Italian Food. For some great Indian food, there is Kayal and for tapas and Sangria, Barceloneta on Queens Road should do the trick.


Music is a great way to liven up your evening, meet new people and get your jiggle on. For big music lovers, Leicester is the perfect for you. Great venues that you have to visit include The Cookie, The Donkey, the Musician and De Montfort Hall.

Cinema & Theatre

Feeling a little artistic? Maybe you would like to take your interest in the movie industry to the next level. You have quite a number of options to choose from in this case. The Showcase Cinema De Lux in the city centre is your best bet. It features a directors lounge to keep other noises away.


To suit all your shopping needs, there are a number of options that you should look into. The best place for your one stop shopping is the Highcross Shopping Centre. There’s Wilko and Argos if you would prefer to go for some cheap home buys.

Anything you will need to make your student life while in Leicester great, the city has it in abundance and readily. You will have anything and everything you need to propel your scholarly excellence and your lifestyle as a student.

Students Guide to Loughborough

Regardless of where you’re from, being a student and in a new town can be pretty stressful. There is a lot that needs to be order, not to mention the pressure of trying to get all those cool spots that the other kids hang out at. Well, if you happen to be in Loughborough and facing the same problem, worry not. This little guide could come in handy.


By the mere fact that you’re student, no matter how much fun loving and outgoing you are, you will need to enrol in a university. There is the Loughborough University Campus. It’s a pretty impressive university and one that you should definitely set aside a week or two to explore comprehensively. It has a great history with expansive and very picturesque outdoors.


You’ll need to eat and Loughborough has plenty of spots where you can do that. Carillon Court Shopping centre which is also the main shopping centre has quite a number of eateries and cafes where you could grab a quick bite. If you prefer to go for Pizza, then Peter Pizzeria is a great place especially for that traditional Italian style pizza. When you’re on a thrifty budget but still want a decent home cooked bite, the Loughborough Market is a wander round a local market. It is open every Thursday and Saturday with plenty of traders so you can easily get whatever you’re looking for.

Out and about

Whether it is for the nightlife or you’re simply looking to get away during the day, there are great places in Loughborough that a student can head out to. There is the Climbing Station for lovers of adventure or simply trying to look for something new. There is also the Chocolate Alchemy which is a great spot to grab a cup of tea in the afternoon or even some good old chocolate binge. It would especially be a nice treat for you and your parents when they drop by.

Free and Fun stuff to do

Don’t have any money? No problem! Loughborough will still take care of you. If you have a bike, you can cycle the Cloud Trail. Other than your love cycling, the route also takes a unique path which you will have to take on to find out the different features and landmarks that it has to offer.

You can also go for a picnic at Queens Park. Pick your friends and burst out the outdoors for some old fashioned picnic. You can make some sandwiches for lunch so you don’t have to spend buying food. It is a great way to have fun and not spend a penny. Whole at Queen’s Park, you can also visit the Charnwood Museum and update your history on the city. The museum is also a great getaway when the weather is does not permit for outdoor activities.

The Nightlife

It is not a student guide if there is no information about the nightlife. Luckily, Loughborough also has some pretty impressive nightlife. Paget Arms is perfect for the retro décor and a chilled out vibe. If you’re into sports, Griffin might be a better fit and for the ultimate fans of real Ale, then The Generous Briton is where you ought to be.

Loughborough has a lot to offer. It is great blend of the outdoors and the city buzz that most students are after. While here, you will be able to enjoy the greenery and the great scenery and at the same time, enjoy the exploits of a city.

Best Place to live in Leicester

If you’re looking for a great place with plenty of greenery and buzz to life to start a new, Leicester could be the best place for you. There are quite a number of reasons why people still opt to live and work in this city that is the holder of the sustainable European City. Among them is the diverse living arrangement to fit any kind of person. Whether you’re looking for something affordable, shared living or a high-end apartment, you will find your preferred situation well catered for in Leicester. All you have to do is pick the area you would like to start your new life. These five are the best places for you get started.

Clarendon Park

Clarendon Park is a great place to live. The fact that it is usually preferred by doctors and other professionals paints a very good picture of what you should expect from the neighbourhood they have lovely Victorian House designs. Even though parking can be a tedious sometimes, the surrounding and the serenity of the environment more than makes up for it. If you would like to have a bigger and posher house and perhaps better parking, Stoneygate which is on the other side of the Road from Clarendon should more than do the trick for you. You will also get to enjoy the wide mix of shops, cafes, and other essential facilities.


If you’re looking for affordable living or shared living, Oadby could be a great place for you. It has a great reputation for schools that definitely means that there is a lot of affordable housing for the students. That could also mean affordable living space for you and especially if you’re open to shared living. The locality is close to the city so you don’t have to worry about putting mileage on the car every time you need to get into the city.

South Knighton

If you would like to have another great experience with shared living, South Knighton is a great place. Why? You have easy access to the city by car or bus, especially from the ring road. If you can stand the bus, you can put off having to buy a car for now which saves you a whole load of money. You can also get to explore the benefits of shared living since there are plenty of students here as well.

Narborough Road

Affordable housing with the option of sharing, plenty of shops presenting you with enough areas to shop around and job opportunities in case you need a job fast and with minimal requirements. If you love mingling and meeting new people from different backgrounds, Narborough Road is again the best option for you. It happens to be one of the most multicultural high streets in the UK so you will also have a great blend while here.

Evington Road

If the housing prices are not much of a concern, then Evington Road could be a great place for you. It might be a little noisier but life there has more of a buzz and you definitely have all the amenities that you will need there.

Leicester is a great place for you to live. There are plenty of neighbourhoods for you to choose from depending on your preference, the budget you have and perhaps proximity to the city or presence of ring roads. Whatever your criteria are, you will find some great place for you to stay.

5 Tips to Stay Motivated With Training

It is one thing to get started with your personal training. It is another to stay put long enough for you to start seeing results. In most cases, even the most dedicated individuals can run out of juice and typically need some help to keep going. If you find yourself struggling to be consistent during training, then you will find these tips to be very helpful.

Find a training group or partner

One of the best motivators of always showing up for training is aligning yourself with a group of people or an individual with the same goals as you. By doing this, you know that these people will count on you and on each other to show up for training. That makes it much easier for you to stay consistent. Furthermore, you want to save yourself the embarrassment of having to explain why you did not show up so you just show up.

Publicise the process

Being held accountable for something and knowing that there are people that are closely following your progress and constantly asking you how things are going might not sound too effective until you try it out. Sharing your training goals and experiences with family and friends is a great way to boost your morale. Not only do they commend you on how good you look or how great your training seems to be going but, the constant questions on if you still work-out will keep you on edge and keep you in training.

Make training more fun

Another great way to boost your morale during training would be to find something fun that makes you look forward to the next session. This can be something as simple as listening to music or running outdoors. Whatever it is, add it to your daily routine. It will help take away the seriousness from the training and improve on your commitment level.

Keep a journal

Most people do this but only in their mind. The journal does not have to be very complex and detail the entire process. If it is running for instance, you can note down the time it took for you to complete the distance and how your body reacted to it. Noting it down keeps a permanent record and helps you to take pride when you log better times. You will also notice that over time, your body responds more positively.

Start simple

One of the easiest ways to psych yourself out of training is by starting too hard that you wear yourself out. You only need to have a plan that meets your needs in the simplest way possible and, does not require you to make big sacrifices on your schedule to maintain the exercise. The internet can be a great resource if you’re looking for a some nice and simple workouts that offer great results then as you improve and you get more comfortable, you can gradually work yourself into a more demanding routine to keep it challenging and interesting.

As much as frequent physical training is good for your body, staying committed long enough to start experiencing the benefits that it has to offer can be a challenge. These tips will help you achieve that and more and help you find the fun in working out.

Benefits of Circuit Training? And Why You Should Start

With the need to lose weight and get physically fit rising, trainers are finding new ways of helping their clients fit workouts to their tight schedules and still get the results that they so desperately need. One of the ways that has been widely received and practised is circuit training. It is one of those workouts that you definitely need to try if you would like to get fast results while minimising on the amount of time that you spend at the gym. Here are some of the other reasons why you ought to consider circuit training.

Challenges your whole body

Unlike most exercises that work on certain aspects of your body and leave out others, circuit training is all inclusive. With the different stations, you’re able to work different parts of the body each at a time which offers you better and more comprehensive results.

Cardio and strength training

Other than working your entire body, you get to work on the air in your lungs. No more panting when you go up a flight of stairs or having to run around your kid around the house. You also get those lean muscles that you have always wanted and not have to double the amount of time you spend at the gym.

Boost your metabolism

Want to torch those extra calories? High-Intensity interval training is one of the best ways to do that. With circuit training, it is estimated that you burn more calories in 20 minutes than you would one hour on an elliptical trainer. Even better is the fact that your body will keep torching the calories over the next 48 hours which means you get to enjoy the perks long after you have stopped working out. You lose weight faster and get those lean muscles faster.

You don’t waste time

Having to wait your turn at the gym is one of the fastest ways to zone out of your routine. You need to keep your workout going at all times and pace levelled to help you achieve your goals. The best part about circuit training is that you don’t always have to go to the same workout machine. You can switch it out for another one and still get the same amazing results if not better. With circuit training, all of your time in the gym is spent productively and geared towards giving you results that you can actually feel and within a short time-frame start seeing as well.

Make workouts exciting

Going through the same routine day in and day out can be pretty boring. Because circuit training is very flexible, you can be able to explore other new ways of working out and different set ups so that every day, you have something new and your sessions are always different. It is a great morale booster and also a great way to keep everything challenging.

Circuit training is sweaty, fast-paced and calorie burning. It is a great way to keep training exciting and at the same time get the results that you so desperately want. With or without a personal trainer, you’re bound to get some very astonishing results if you can do everything right.

7 Reasons Why You Should Train in a Group?

Training groups and circuit training is becoming more popular by the day. Not only do they make training more fun and engaging but also tend to make members have a higher commitment rate. There is no doubt that you also need one. If you’re not sure if you should opt for a training group or if you even need one in the first place, here are seven reasons that might convince you otherwise.

  1. Less excuses and better morale

Training with friends or family can be a great morale booster. Not only do you cheer each other on and help to boost each other during the tough times of the workout, you also owe each and every one an explanation every time you miss training. To save yourself from that, you opt to come for training more frequently so you have better results.

  1. Training is more fun

By having more people in the program, you have more competition and more engagement which makes the experience more captivating and more fun. If training is fun, you always look forward to the next session and the workouts do not seem so hard since you’re always distracted and having so much fun.

  1. Better results

The best thing about being in a group is the competition. You will always try to outdo each other’s and in some instances, you will push each other to cover the extra mile. You get better results since you feed off each other’s morale and dedication. If you don’t have a trainer, you can rely on each other to check postures and make sure that you’re doing the right thing.

  1. Creativity

We all have had different experiences and with the different minds, you have different ways to engage and innovative ways to include different exercises. The different capacities of each of the member of the training group are used to the benefit of the entire group. You have different exercises and stretches from every member which can be very exciting and revolutionary.

  1. Accountability

You probably don’t like being accountable to anyone for your actions but in this case, it could be a great solution for you. Especially when you have a hard time staying committed to working out. With a small group, you’re all accountable to each other which fosters a better commitment since you don’t want to let everyone down.

  1. Cost efficiency

The cost of hiring a personal trainer can be crippling at times. But, they do come with their own benefits and that means that despite costing a handsome penny, there are plenty of benefits that come with trainer. By having a group, you split the bill amongst yourselves and the best part is, the trainer has better value for his time.

  1. Bonding

At first, you form a training group to help you stay focused on the goal. But, with the time that you spend together working out and motivating each other, you tend to build bonds that last and understand each other better.

As you can clearly see, there are plenty of benefits that come with forming a training group. They not only extend to helping you achieve your fitness goals but making training cheaper, fun and more binding.