5 Benefits of Boxercise

Great trainers are always looking for ingenious way to keep workouts interesting and beneficial to their clients. One of the once that is currently receiving quite some attention is boxercise. While most enthusiasts might not be very conversant with it, is a type of workout that uses boxing movements incorporated with other types of workouts to create a fun and exciting combo.

Even though this type of workout is relatively new, its benefits are already self-explanatory and a great deal of clients and gym lovers have expressed their satisfaction with the routine.

Releases aggression

There is no question that boxing is a very aggressive sport. Boxercise even though a little mild is not anything less. It make for a great workout for you to dump all your aggression and frustrations into something that is more constructive to your body. Boxercise involves a lot of punching, punching moves and motions. If your aggression is concentrated on completing the workout, you’re assured of a positive outcome.

Makes you stronger

Like any workout you might have done in the past, if done consistently, boxercise helps to build muscle and improve muscle tone. Also, because it is more aggressive the results are more appealing and in some cases might appear earlier. The routine also features some fast paced hooks, upper cuts and even swoops that engage the shoulders, back, your core and even the arms. It makes tightening and toning with each punch a reality.

The lower body is not forgotten in this case. The glutes and hops are tasked with pivoting and balancing the body and moving alongside a tight core makes that goal even harder hence improving muscle build.

It works your cardio as well

If you usually have to take two different gym classes to take care of your cardio and any other needs that you might have, with boxercise, you don’t have to. The routine is pretty intense and fast-paced. That allows it to work both on your cardio while it also works on your muscle tone and build. It could potentially save you from having to invest in a second class and at best, you will have great results while investing half the time.

It’s for everyone

The most beautiful thing about boxercise is that it is for everyone. Of course you don’t expect all the participants to operate at the same level. But, with a professional and friendly trainer like Scott, you will definitely fit in. It can be done by both men and women and even those with low esteem. It is a great way to vent while making a positive impact on your body and because it does not require superior athletic ability, it is kind to the beginners as well.

It is affordable

This is not one of those workouts that requires you to get a bunch of expensive equipment before you can try it out. With boxercise, the only thing that you might have to buy is a pair of boxing gloves. You can use the usual trunks and tank tops for the training.

There are plenty of benefits that are associated with boxercise and these five just highlight the most notable ones. The routine is not only best suited for those people that would love to pack an extra punch in their muscle. It can also be a great idea for someone that has balance issues and is looking for a fun way to work on that.

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Personal Trainer Vs going it Alone

With the help of the internet and easier access to download workout videos and other materials. Considering that for most people going it alone was a preference, the presence of such materials only makes the question of hiring a personal trainer more valid. After all, you have all your workouts, and there are downloadable workout charts and everything is detailed. Is there really any need to have a personal trainer?

Expertise and knowledge

Most of the generalisations and even the execution of some of the most common routines are wrong on many levels. While it is possible to do the workouts on your own, it requires a trained and very knowledgeable eye to point out the flaws in your stance and execution.


Having a personal trainer almost guarantees better results. With better advice on how to execute the different workouts, the impact on your muscles is higher and more positive. That being said, the muscle growth is significant and the results are usually better as compared to doing it alone.


Even with the help of technology and gadgets like fitness watches and the different apps that are available, the lack of physical presence of a person that wants to see the best in you drains your morale sooner than later. With a personal trainer, you have a person that commands you and makes note of all the positive changes. This way, you have a reason to keep going on with your work out session.

Also, knowing fully well that you’re not in this alone can be very helpful. It keeps you from getting bored and quitting at the first chance you get.


There is a reason why you pay a fitness expert. One of those reasons is so that they can help you actualize your fitness goals. Other than make sure that you don’t miss a single of your workout sessions, a personal trainer is also tasked with the duty of drawing out a game plan for you to follow. Typically, they will do this after having trained with you for a couple of sessions. This way, they are sure that the schedule they draw up is one that you can actually handle. They also make sure that you follow through with your session. No more making excuses just so that you can skip your gym session.

Practical Goals

When setting your own fitness goals, there is a chance that you will over estimate your ability and then be discouraged by the fact that you’re not achieving the goals as you had wanted or, you could also underestimate and getting there too fast makes you think you have had enough. Personal trainers are equipped with the knowledge and know how to help them understand how to set pragmatic goals for their clients. This way, you don’ have to overwork yourself trying to get to some unachievable goals.

Going at it alone is better than sitting around and doing nothing. However, if you have the financial capacity to hire a professional personal trainer in Loughborough, it is important to consider that. In the least, should you get hurt while working out, you will have someone with some knowledge of how to offer you some first aid.

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Beginners Guide to Becoming More Flexible

Stretching is one of those exercises that comes at the worst times when exercising. During warm-up, you can’t wait to get into the calorie burning workouts and after, you’re too exhausted and fatigue has gotten the better of you to pay any attention to stretching. Most trainees never see the essence of stretching. After all, it does not burn a lot of calories.

But, being flexible and stretching out does have its fair share of benefits and some of which could save you significant pain. At Urban BodyFit, we start all workouts with a good stretch, let us explain the importance of stretching.

Why should you stretch?

The role of exercise to our bodies is very clear. While constant exercise is critical, modern lifestyle does not allow for that. The most that people can save for working out is an hour. During that hour, the limits of the muscles and the body is pushed and the physical stress grows.

After that hour, you go back to your normal routine which is more relaxed. As a result, without a good stretch, most of that physical stress is left packed in the muscles which disturbs the equilibrium. Stretching also helps the joints to move through their full motion which helps to reduce chances of injury.

When should you stretch?

There is no clear direction of when you should stretch. The truth is, each expert has his preferred periods of stretching. However, as a rule of thumb, the best approach to stretching and becoming more flexible is to start by a good warm-up followed by specific and dynamic stretches. It is best to focus these stretches on the areas that you will be focusing on during your workout.

After you have completed your workout, this is the best time to squeeze in your static stretches. It is not advisable to attempt such stretches when the body is cold. The results can be disastrous. That is why it is best to save them until you’re done with your routine and work on them when your body is warm.

Stretching is not only beneficial to your muscles but also mentally and if done regularly, you will notice improved flexibility in due time. It is also a good idea to have short stretches in the morning after you wake up and before going to bed. It helps to activate the muscles.

How far should you stretch?

When it comes to stretching, this is another touchy issue. While flexible people can really push the limits, those that are not might have a hard time. There are some stretches that can feel really uncomfortable. It is okay for a stretch to feel uncomfortable but not painful. It is important to stop stretching when you start feeling the pain.

How long should you hold a stretch?

30 seconds is more than enough for a basic static stretch. The timeline is enough for you to engage and relax the muscles that you have just worked. If you hold a stretch for a longer period of time, you risk an injury. But, if done in a subtle manner and probably, holding a stretch should help you reach your flexibility goals faster.

There are plenty of different exercises that you can use that will help you get more flexible. Yoga and Tai-chi are just but a few of them. However, even though stretching might seem relatively harmless, you need to exercise caution especially in the absence of a professional to avoid injury.

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5 Benefits of Group Exercise Classes

Signing up to a gym can be quite the experience. If it is your first ever time working out on a routine basis, you can find the process to be intimidating. You have no idea of how to operate the machine, the routine that your workout should follow and even though the gym has a trainer, if it is a large one, they are usually thinly stretched which makes it hard for them to be able to be at your side to help you with all the information you need. But, before you throw in the towel there is another very formidable solution that you should consider: Group and circuit training classes!

  1. Group classes have more motivation

Imagine being in a room full of people that have the same passion and flare as you. People that have a common goal as you. You want to perform and be better than each of them. The competition and the motivation that comes from fellow classmates makes the class livelier which makes it easier for you to keep coming.

  1. They have structure

For a new member, group classes save you the time and effort of having to plan. Each class has a structure from the warm-up, to a balanced workout all the way to a cool down. This is a great benefit considering that most people might not be able to come up with their own structure. If you’re lucky, the class might even have a couple of members that are knowledgeable about training which saves you the cost of having to hire a personal trainer.

  1. Increases your intensity

If you regularly lack the energy to kick start your day the way you would love, then you might find group exercise classes to be very helpful to give you the energy boost and intensity that you need to get your day going. Having other members in the room with you participating in the same routines challenges you to be better. You perform better and feel better. Even the results in most cases are better in group sessions than when done individually.

  1. You have variety

There are different options that you can consider. You can decide to go for a power yoga classes, Zumba, spinning, boot camp, aquatic aerobics and any other type of workout that you might have in mind. The presence of variety allows you to choose whatever pleases you and join a group of other like-minded people. It is what makes group classes so exciting.

  1. It is an opportunity to socialise

Unless you are a snob which you’re not, group exercise classes gives you a chance to get to know other people and create network. Think of it as a cheaper way to have a ballroom dinner only with less flair, a lot more sweat and you gorge down on workouts instead of glasses of wine. It is the best opportunity for you to build new bonds in life that could last forever. The best thing is, there is no pressure for you to impress anyone since you already have a couple of things in common by the mere fact that you’re in the same class.

Group exercise classes are quickly becoming a norm. They are more comfortable to work with, they are more economical and provide members with the security of numbers while appealing to the competitive nature of human beings. If you want a class that will keep you working out without struggling, you should try enrolling in a group exercise class. They particularly become even more fun with a personal trainer like Scott heading the group.

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5 Fitness Tips for Office Workers

Working out and staying in shape has always come with images of a fully equipped gyms with all the weights and treadmills. For most people, working out requires you to have tons of free space and time to be able to break a sweat. That begs the question. What happens if you’re the 8-5 guy that is always sitting at your workspace in your office? Does it mean you can never workout out and sit at your desk the whole day like a vegetable?

Before you get the answer to that questions, there are a couple of things that need to be cleared out. First, working out does not mean you must have a gym and tons of time. It can be as simple as taking a walk. With a little bit of ingenuity and creativity, you can infuse your 9-5 with plenty of exercise in between. To answer the previous question; No, just because you have to be in the office the whole day does not mean that your fitness levels should take a dip. Here are some fitness tips that should help you keep working out without neglecting your work or getting fired.

  1. Always take the longer and harder

It just requires some simple creativity for you to double or even triple your walking distance. If your work place is close to where you live, you can simply take the daily work to and from work. If not, make sure that you park farther away from the complex so you have ample distance to cover. You can also opt to take the stairs to your floor and while in your office, take the longest route to the printer and other areas of the office. That way, you optimise the workout for your legs.

  1. Have alarms

With all the work and distractions from colleagues, it is very simple to forget that you need to get up and about to keep your fitness levels up. TO help you remember and keep track of your workout schedule, you need to set alarms. It is important that they are reasonably spaced so you have ample time to work and also achieve your fitness goals.

  1. Seated stretches

If you’re stuck at the desk and can’t get away for the occasional walk, you shouldn’t let that get in the way of your fitness goals. There are different variations of seated stretches that you can try. Stretching is just as important to muscle building and toning as working out which is why this would be a great tip. You can have variations of neck stretches, arms and shoulders, back and legs and even thighs and calf stretches.

  1. Have a standing

    work station

You can also consider having a standing work station. It is a great idea that will remind you to take a break using your biological timer every time you get tired. Standing desks have become increasing popular so finding one that fits your needs will not be hard.

  1. Buy portable equipment

Because you can’t go to the gym, you can bring the gym to the work place. You don’t need to have all the equipment. Having a skipping rope and portable dumbbells is all you will need. You can also have a yoga mat and resistance bands. These are easy to store and you can always pull them out whenever you need them.

Just because you’re stuck at work for the entire day is not an excuse enough for you to slack and fall back on your goal to be fit. There are plenty of ways that you can make lemonade out of these lemon and five of those methods have just been listed. Want to get fit? Maybe 121 training is great for you!

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5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

Working out and getting the desired results is more of a science than just being able to lift weights and taking the morning jog. Even though personal trainers come at a handsome fee, they are worth every penny that you pay them. Especially if you know what you want. Getting targeted results can be a pain.

You not only need to know the workouts that you need to do, you also need to know how to do them and right posture. That calls for superior understanding of the process and the functioning of the muscles. Which is why, you might need a good personal trainer that is both friendly and professional. If that is not enough to convince you to hire Scott as your personal trainer, then, here are five other reasons.

  1. You get accountability and motivation

You never want to have to face your trainer and have to explain why you missed your previous training session. With a professional and dedicated personal trainer like Scott, you have accountability and a friend that works out with you. Any good personal trainer has a vested interest in seeing you achieve all your fitness goals and completing your workouts.

With a trainer, you have a training partner and if you’re paying for the trainer you don’t want to watch your money go down the drain or feel like you’re not getting value for your money. Spending money is a good motivator since you don’t want it to have been a waste.

  1. You get expertise and knowledge

Any good trainer has a keen eye. They are able to watch closely and make sure that you doing the exercises exactly how they are meant to be done. This helps to maximise on results and focus on the targeted muscles.

A capable trainer is able to carefully watch correct minor mistakes and even the smallest tweaks to your routines can have great impact on the results. Typically, being able to correct your posture is not something that you can be able to do.

  1. You get personalised training

Every body type has special needs and every person has different goals. There are those that are training for weight loss and those that would love to build muscle. You don’t expect each of these people to train the same. A good personal trainer will put together a routine that works for you and the goals that you have in mind.

  1. You have a reduced chance of injury

Weights and other fitness equipment if not used the right way can inflict life long and severe injuries. Learning how to use any fitness equipment the right way and conforming to the right posture is something that takes time and plenty of correction. Having a personal trainer around will help you avoid injuries and get more out of your training sessions.

  1. A trainer is there to help you identify and reach your goals

A personal trainer is there to guide you, motivate you and hold your hand on your way to fitness. He can be intimidating at times when you slack but that is all in a day’s work. A good, friendly and helpful personal trainer like Scott will go the extra mile to even help you set your goals and make sure you achieve them.

The role a personal trainer plays in the fitness world is greatly downplayed. Personal trainers as evident with the benefits listed and many others are a critical part of every person that is looking to get a more active and productive lifestyle. Their knowledge can be life changing to their clients.

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5 Myths about Training for Seniors

It is common knowledge that there are a lot of benefits that are associated with exercise. However, as you grow older and your muscles age, most people start believing that exercise is not the way for them Many people get lift solutions installed in their house for mobility. Little do they know, that even at old age, exercise can play a significant role in helping you live a stronger and happier life. The myths that have been constantly preached and it is about time that the truth was uncovered. Here are 5 of the most common myths that riddle training and seniors.

  1. Myth: I’m Too Old for Exercise to be of help to me

Research has proven that exercise is good for just about anyone at any age. Simply put it is never too late for you to start exercising. For the seniors, exercise has been shown to help them look and feel younger. Health wise, it helps to reduce the risks of contracting Alzheimer’s diabetes and heart disease. Even if you’re aged, exercise is still very beneficial to you.

  1. Myth: Exercise increases the chances of falling down in seniors

Given that balance diminishes with age, falling down has been attributed to exercise. However, this is just another fallacy. Exercising helps to improve strength and coordination at any age. All of these are factors that help to reduce the chances of falling down. In any case, exercise can be attributed to better muscle functioning and balance. Even in the seniors.

  1. Myth: Seniors need to rest more and exercise less

Even at old age, a sedentary lifestyle is not healthy. It is particularly dangerous for people over 50 years. The more inactive one is, the higher their chance of requiring more visits to the doctor, require more frequent medication and even hospitalisations. You can cut back on all these by throwing in a couple of hours exercise and adopting an active lifestyle.

  1. Myths: Disabled adults can’t exercise sufficiently enough

This is perhaps one of the most construed facts about exercising in old age. Whether you have your full physical capacity or disabled, there is no doubt that you need exercise to keep a strong and healthy body. Even though the ability to work out might be limited, that does not mean that you shouldn’t exercise altogether. The best part is, there are so many types of exercise that you can try out.

  1. Myth: It’s too late. I’ve grown too old

Well, this is more of an assumption but nonetheless a myth that needs to be clarified. The truth is, as age passes by, you start thinking of the things that you can and can’t do. One of the things you’re more likely to strike out is exercise. But, it is never too old to start working out. Your body could use the benefits of exercise at any age. It is never too late for you to get started. As long as you start off with the right exercises.

Myths and facts aside, exercise should be part and parcel of every person. The only difference would be the options that you can choose from. As you grow older, you might not be able to participate in a marathon or do a bench press. But, you can participate in aerobics, walking and other exercises that are better suited for your age. Don’t let myths and misconceptions misguide you. Make your lifestyle a stronger and livelier one, Urban BodyFit trainers can help you with personal training so get in touch today!

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5 Benefits of Strength Training For Women

As one of the leading male and female personal trainers in Leicestershire, a number of women ask me “Scott will lifting weights make me bigger and muscular?” this post highlights the 5 benefits why women should lift weights! While men are known to practice strength training a lot more, women can also stand to benefit greatly from the same kind of exercise and with plenty of benefits too. Weight training is more than just working on your cardio. There is a lot more that strength training presents for the woman that is willing to spend some time in the gym and break a sweat. Here are the five greatest rewards that are associated with strength training in women.

  1. You get to shed the pounds

The main reason why people exercise and especially women is not to build muscle but to lose the extra pounds of fat. Studies have found that a woman who trains about three times a week for two months is able to gain two pounds of muscles and lose up to 3.5 pounds of fat. Strength and condition training helps to shed off those unwanted fat pockets while toning your muscles and tightening up those lose parts of the skin.

  1. Helps to manage chronic conditions

If you suffer from conditions like back pain, obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis and even depression, strength training can help to mitigate the symptoms. It is a good idea to first consult with your physician in case you suffer from these or any other conditions. They can also advice you on the best exercises that would help best with your condition.

  1. You get stronger without gaining bulk

Every woman wants to be stronger in every aspect of the word. But, the downside is, with respect to physical strength, it might come with some unwanted bulk. But, with strength training you can work on your capability without adding muscle which can takeaway femininity. Bodily, women secret 30 times less hormone compared to men. That means that with resistance training, they develop muscle tone, strength and definition without the risk of gaining size.

  1. Better metabolism

As you constantly work you build your lean muscle which consequently means that your metabolism will also improve. Your system will be more effective and have the ability to torch more calories throughout the day. In case you need to burn some calories, you will find that a healthy metabolism will be a great asset.

  1. Enhance your mental strength

It needs no introduction that women use a larger part of their brain compared to the men. They are able to multi-task better and remember better. But, that does not mean that there is no room for improvement. Just as is the case with men, resistance training helps to improve mental strength in women. It helps to improve aspects like concentration, confidence and self-esteem all of which can be critical to the survival and thriving of the modern day woman.

The next time you hit the gym and take on those resistance bands, you’re not only doing it to cut down the weight or build a better-looking skin, there is a lot more that you stand to gain. Not only do you enjoy better mental and overall health and a stronger body but, you also improve your bone density and even your self-esteem. Now you have five more reasons to want to hit the gym or keep up with your resistance training!

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