Boxercise for Adults & Children

Boxercise for Adults and Children in Leicester, this is a fantastic 60 minute calorie burner, that will get your fit and active! As the leading personal trainers in Leicestershire, get yourself fitter with our team of trainers.

The workout uses the entire body. Cardiovascularly you burn more calories in an hour than using a stair climber. You use your whole body, your arms, your legs and the time flies as you work on body movement, agility and momentum. Correct technique takes practice and good instruction. Soon you'll become more comfortable with the punches enabling you to punch faster and burn even more calories. If you stick with the Boxercise workout you'll get cut, you'll get definition, but you won't gain bulk. Best of all, it's fun and relatively inexpensive. So don't just sit there - get your gloves on!

If you’re interested in joining our boxercise classes, get in touch with Scott. He will organise a personal guided tour and show you how you can enrol. The sessions are usually booked in 12-week blocks, this enables you to cover all the basic moves and come to terms with all of the techniques used. If you are looking for Boxercise for Adults and Children in Leicester, get in touch with Urban BodyFit.

Why Choose Boxercise

  • Calorie Burner – The ultimate combo of strength and cardio exercises incinerates fats quickly and effectively. It requires very few classes for you to start seeing results. Combined with circuit training, it is the perfect workout.
  • Full Body Muscle Toning – The attributes of boxing require quick reflexes and comprehensive muscle development. With boxercise, you gel these elements and those of high-Intensity interval training to work and tone muscles in every part of your body.
  • Release Tension – Had a tough day? Take away the stress. Boxercise is the best stress buster using that aggression to help you build muscles, a healthy body and a healthy mind. Use it to channel the frustration in a safe and controlled environment that is productive for you.
  • Improved Mental Health – Boxercise movements demand concentration and precision. Trainers actually believe that it can help improve on concentration and overall mental health and help participants find it easy to pay attention whether at the work place or in class.

My first session experience has kept me coming back. Don’t get me wrong, the session is intense, but Scott is very friendly and understanding. I could barely make a decent fist but he helped me through it all. Thanks for not losing hope in me I will surely keep coming! Akira Yono, Leicester