4 Signs that Indicate You Need to Change Your Work out Routine

The biggest problem most people usually have is staying in their comfort zone too long and hence foregoing the results that come with switching things up. Once you find a workout routine that you’re happy with, most people will tend to stick with it way past its time. Knowing when to try something new in your workout routine is very important and will help you continue with a good level of results. There are signs that will usually pop up to let you know that you need to change things up but in most cases, we never notice. Here are four of those signs.

  1. The workout has become boring

What seemed so interesting at first now needs you to get in the right state of mind, keep reminding yourself that you need to get back on it and it is not as exciting as it was. Everything has become very boring. Just like anything else, sticking to one workout routine will make it boring with time.

Changing things up does not usually mean that you will have to change out the whole routine. It can be as simple as bringing some music with you or tagging a friend along. If that does not work or works for a short time then you find yourself in the same fix again, then it is definitely time to change the whole routine. Have you looked at trying boxcerise? There are a number of benefits with boxercise!

  1. You have hit a plateau with your results

The biggest challenge with using one workout is that you always work the same muscles. At some point, with the same intensity and work out times, you’re going to hit a plateau and you will no longer get the results that match the work you’re putting in. The body is an interesting phenomenon because it has the capacity to adapt to these exercises which is why change is vital.

You can start by throwing a different variety into the existing routine like increasing the speed, length of workout times or resistance of the work out and if that doesn’t work out, you always have the option of trying out an entirely new routine.

  1. You’re more sore and tired after the workout than before

This can be the most confusing sign to decipher. Most people believe that if a workout is making you tired then it is still working. While that might be true to some extent in other cases, increased fatigue from the same workout means you’re overworking yourself and the workout is not good for you at the time. The body is able to repair and rebuild during the rest periods and without enough rest time, you become weaker instead of stronger. It does not necessarily mean that in this case you have to change everything up, but you will definitely need to add more rest time to your routine.

  1. You don’t find challenge in the workout anymore

This is very straightforward. A workout is supposed to be challenging. This level of difficulty is what helps to build the body and work on toughness. If it is no longer challenging then it is not helping you in any way.

It is usually good to have a trainer who can help with switching things up every once in a while and at Urban Bodyfit, we can help you with that.

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