Circuit Training Leicester

Offering circuit training in Leicester and surrounding areas, Urban BodyFit are here to get your fit. Circuit Training is a method of HIIT, resistance and weight training all rolled into one. It maximises the amount of work done in a short period of time.

Circuit/HIIT training squashes common excuses people use for not exercising because it takes little time, is action packed, can be personalised and does not need to be done every day! If you want private 1-2-1 training, then we also offer private classes.

Here at Urban BodyFit we incorporate Weights, Kettlebells and lots of other equipment to help maximise the results during a circuit session. The exerciser increases his/her cardiovascular endurance during the slightly elevated heart rate that is maintained in between exercises/sets and throughout the overall program. You will burn high amounts of calories during the high exertion sessions and definitely sweat! If you are looking for circuit training in Leicester, get in touch with Urban BodyFit.

Why Choose Circuit Training

  • Time-Saving – Circuit training requires shorter gym sessions and is designed to work best for fitness enthusiasts that are short on time.
  • Full Body Workout – even though our trainers might tweak your workouts to match your goals, generally, this type of training is built to work on your entire body in each session.
  • Fitter and Stronger – Even though you might want a better-looking body, it never hurts to work on your cardio as well. Circuit training works on both aspects without making you feel like you’re running a marathon.
  • No Equipment – No equipment? No problem! Even though having equipment makes the training more effective, there are many routines that don’t require equipment that you can try out, where we use body weight exercises.

Tough class! But loads of fun. Scott was very helpful in getting me enrolled four weeks in and I already feel healthier and happier too! The staff and the environment is just awesome! First time working out and loving it. Melanie Adams, Hinckley