Best Student Places to Visit in Leicester

As a student, your biggest attraction to Leicester would probably be academic oriented. Other than the high quality of education from world-class universities, there’s plenty more that you can enjoy while in Leicester as a student, our student Leicester guide will compliment this read. Whether it is academic and scientific themed parks, open nature or simply looking for some fun with your friends, Leicester has plenty of places that you can visit, of course, you are always welcome to our personal training gym in Leicester! Here are some of them.

National Space Center

If you’re looking to quench your thirst for information, learn new things and get a whole new experience, then you have to visit the national space center. It is a great place to be on a fun day out when you’re looking to bond with your friends and also ideal for a hungry mind to feed. With six different galleries, you will have plenty to occupy your time while here. Some of the galleries include a 42-meter high rocket tower, Sir Patrick Moore’s planetarium and space suits. You will also be able to catch a glance at the satellites. On a lucky day, you may also be to see some aliens. If you’re looking to have fun without depleting your funds, this is a great place for you to consider.

Abbey Park

You have hard a stressful day at school. You have finally handed in your assignments and simply want to get somewhere and forget yourself for a while and indulge nature. Abbey Park is just the place for you. Whether you’re looking to have some alone time or come with some friends and just spend time talking to each other, this park is the place to be. With plenty of nature and fresh air, time will fly while you’re here.

The park is complete with a river and plenty of lush green fields that are absolutely picturesque even from a mile away. The two parts of the park which are demarcated by the river host the Cavendish house on the west while the east is filled with park life. You can also enjoy other activities like boating, bird watching and also flower arrangements. The park is free and while you may have to pay to take part in some of the activities, you can always come here to stroll without spending a dime.

Leicester Castle

Whether you’re new to Leicester or you simply want to learn more about the locality and its history, Leicester castle will offer you just that. The building was used as a courthouse along time ago and while here, you can stroll out to see the castle yard, the general castle remains, the great hall and the castle garden. It is a great source of information if you would like to impress your peers and family with what you have learnt about Leicester.

Leicester bustling community is a hive of activity. There is no shortage of activities that you can take part in whether as a pass time or looking for information and an opportunity to learn. All you have to do is make sure that you carefully pick out your preferred destination to suit the mood that you’re in.

How Did Leicester City Win the Premier League in 2016

I am lucky to offering personal training sessions in Leicester, yes Leicester, the city that won the premier league! I also wrote a blog post on the best 7 places to live in Leicester which is a good read. Going into the 2015 – 2016 Leicester City’s odds to win the Premier League was a paltry 5000 – 1. Simply put, there was no chance they would have won the league. Yet, by the time the league was concluding, the Foxes had the trophy in the bag much to the dismay of the fans and the soccer fraternity. How did they pull this off? Could it be that they had gotten so lucky so many times or was it a carefully choreographed plan that saw them reap big in a very short time? Here are some of the factors that could have helped Leicester pull of the biggest underdog miracles in the history of soccer.

The usual top 4 tumble

Over the past 20 seasons, the premier league trophy has been won by a total four teams. These are Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City and most recently Leicester City. After the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, and the failed attempt of David Moyes, Manchester United went into full rebuild mode. Chelsea, on the other hand, was reeling with a lack of ideas after the sacking of Jose Mourinho.

The teams that would have taken up the void were Tottenham and Manchester City. However, they were either too complacent or confident in the squads they had at the time. This presented Leicester with the chance to swoop in and get everyone with their pants down.

Diamonds in the rough

Someone in the Leicester scouting team did a great job of scouting some great diamonds in the rough that over delivered and developed pristinely to fit the routine of the club and the performance. Jamie Vardy, Riyadh Mahrez and N’golo Kane who played an integral part in the win came in at a combined $20 million. The management and ownership of the team were able to work wonders with their shoestring budget and with their good coaching, young players that were not worth much came in handy to bring in the trophy.

Staying healthy

One of the greatest upsets in any sporting franchise is the inability of players to stay healthy. Injured players force the management to make some tough decision and greatly change the chemistry and coaching strategies. While the ‘Big Four’ struggled to keep their star players healthy, the ticking cogs of Leicester were always in action. The attacking line-up missed utmost 2 games while the central defenders only missed one game each. Whether this was a stroke of luck or proper planning and execution, it got Leicester the chances and the players it needs to bring home the trophy and bring it they did.

Leicester City made an already proud city even prouder. They wore the hearts of their fans and their determination to deliver with the right traction allowed them to finish their campaign seven points clear at the top of the table. While the win was never anticipated and neither was it expected, the fact that it happened despite all odds is what is impressive about Leicester. It is a great experience to see such a young and talented team work so hard to deliver unbelievable results and Leicester did just that.

Students Guide Leicester

Being a student doesn’t mean that you’re limited to classes, books and tests. There is a lot more to being a student and Leicester is the embodiment of the perfect student life. Being broke, eating on a budget and top quality educational institutions. You will have it all while here. But, to get rid of the learning curve, you will need a guide that will show you the best spots to make the most out of your student life. Whether you’re looking for a great University or a nice place to take down a Jaggerbomb, Leicester has something for you. This little guide shares all the secrets.


There are two exquisite institutions of higher learning in Leicester. The De Montfort University and the University of Leicester. Both are excellent institutions of learning with integrated sports facilities which include swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms and sports halls. For students that are looking for the great night city life, DMU might be a better fit. It is closer to the city and you get hundreds of Bars and even on campus pubs. If you are not sure where to live, check our best places to live in Leicester guide,


The only thing that gets students ticking after a long lecture is some time to get out and get drunk. Thanks to the wide collection of bars and pubs, this will not be a problem. You can get Jaggerbombs for about £1 at the Students’ Union. If you’re in the mood for something different say cocktails, Turtle Bay will offer you the best deals. It’s at St Peters Square. Other options that you might also want to consider are The Orange Tree and The Attic. These two are great if you would like some state of the art cocktails to highlight your night.


Nothing highlights a great campus life that mouth-watering, calorie-packed and taste bud bursting food. It is even better if it comes with a student-friendly budget. Cured on Friar Lane has the best burgers and booze. You can also drop by at Meatcure or Crafty Burger for more of the same menu. For the sweet tooth, drop by at Gelato Village. The shop is in St Martins Square and has been voted the best gelateria in the UK.

Looking for a nice place to take a girl you like? Casa Romana has the best tables for two that you can ask. They also have great authentic Italian Food. For some great Indian food, there is Kayal and for tapas and Sangria, Barceloneta on Queens Road should do the trick. Be sure to read out guide why we are the best personal trainers in Leicester IF you want to get fit with us.


Music is a great way to liven up your evening, meet new people and get your jiggle on. For big music lovers, Leicester is the perfect for you. Great venues that you have to visit include The Cookie, The Donkey, the Musician and De Montfort Hall.

Cinema & Theatre

Feeling a little artistic? Maybe you would like to take your interest in the movie industry to the next level. You have quite a number of options to choose from in this case. The Showcase Cinema De Lux in the city centre is your best bet. It features a directors lounge to keep other noises away.


To suit all your shopping needs, there are a number of options that you should look into. The best place for your one-stop shopping is the Highcross Shopping Centre. There’s Wilko and Argos if you would prefer to go for some cheap home buys.

Anything you will need to make your student life while in Leicester great, the city has it in abundance and readily. You will have anything and everything you need to propel your scholarly excellence and your lifestyle as a student.

Students Guide to Loughborough

Regardless of where you’re from, being a student and in a new town can be pretty stressful. There is a lot that needs to be order, not to mention the pressure of trying to get all those cool spots that the other kids hang out at. Well, if you happen to be in Loughborough and facing the same problem, worry not. This little guide could come in handy.


By the mere fact that you’re student, no matter how much fun loving and outgoing you are, you will need to enrol in a university. There is the Loughborough University Campus. It’s a pretty impressive university and one that you should definitely set aside a week or two to explore comprehensively. It has a great history with expansive and very picturesque outdoors.


You’ll need to eat and Loughborough has plenty of spots where you can do that. Carillon Court Shopping centre which is also the main shopping centre has quite a number of eateries and cafes where you could grab a quick bite. If you prefer to go for Pizza, then Peter Pizzeria is a great place especially for that traditional Italian style pizza. When you’re on a thrifty budget but still want a decent home cooked bite, the Loughborough Market is a wander round a local market. It is open every Thursday and Saturday with plenty of traders so you can easily get whatever you’re looking for.

Out and about

Whether it is for the nightlife or you’re simply looking to get away during the day, there are great places in Loughborough that a student can head out to. There is the Climbing Station for lovers of adventure or simply trying to look for something new. There is also the Chocolate Alchemy which is a great spot to grab a cup of tea in the afternoon or even some good old chocolate binge. It would especially be a nice treat for you and your parents when they drop by.

Free and Fun stuff to do

Don’t have any money? No problem! Loughborough will still take care of you. If you have a bike, you can cycle the Cloud Trail. Other than your love cycling, the route also takes a unique path which you will have to take on to find out the different features and landmarks that it has to offer.

You can also go for a picnic at Queens Park. Pick your friends and burst out the outdoors for some old fashioned picnic. You can make some sandwiches for lunch so you don’t have to spend buying food. It is a great way to have fun and not spend a penny. Whole at Queen’s Park, you can also visit the Charnwood Museum and update your history on the city. The museum is also a great getaway when the weather is does not permit for outdoor activities.

The Nightlife

It is not a student guide if there is no information about the nightlife. Luckily, Loughborough also has some pretty impressive nightlife. Paget Arms is perfect for the retro décor and a chilled out vibe. If you’re into sports, Griffin might be a better fit and for the ultimate fans of real Ale, then The Generous Briton is where you ought to be.

Loughborough has a lot to offer. It is great blend of the outdoors and the city buzz that most students are after. While here, you will be able to enjoy the greenery and the great scenery and at the same time, enjoy the exploits of a city.

Best Place to live in Leicester

If you’re looking for a great place with plenty of greenery and buzz to life to start a new, Leicester could be the best place for you. There are quite a number of reasons why people still opt to live and work in this city that is the holder of the sustainable European City. Among them is the diverse living arrangement to fit any kind of person. Whether you’re looking for something affordable, shared living or a high-end apartment, you will find your preferred situation well catered for in Leicester. All you have to do is pick the area you would like to start your new life. These five are the best places for you get started.

Clarendon Park

Clarendon Park is a great place to live. The fact that it is usually preferred by doctors and other professionals paints a very good picture of what you should expect from the neighbourhood they have lovely Victorian House designs. Even though parking can be a tedious sometimes, the surrounding and the serenity of the environment more than makes up for it. If you would like to have a bigger and posher house and perhaps better parking, Stoneygate which is on the other side of the Road from Clarendon should more than do the trick for you. You will also get to enjoy the wide mix of shops, cafes, and other essential facilities. This place is thriving with students, hey if you are a student, why not read our best student places to visit blog post!


If you’re looking for affordable living or shared living, Oadby could be a great place for you. It has a great reputation for schools that definitely means that there is a lot of affordable housing for the students. That could also mean affordable living space for you and especially if you’re open to shared living. The locality is close to the city so you don’t have to worry about putting mileage on the car every time you need to get into the city.

South Knighton

If you would like to have another great experience with shared living, South Knighton is a great place. Why? You have easy access to the city by car or bus, especially from the ring road. If you can stand the bus, you can put off having to buy a car for now which saves you a whole load of money. You can also get to explore the benefits of shared living since there are plenty of students here as well.

Narborough Road

Affordable housing with the option of sharing, plenty of shops presenting you with enough areas to shop around and job opportunities in case you need a job fast and with minimal requirements. If you love mingling and meeting new people from different backgrounds, Narborough Road is again the best option for you. It happens to be one of the most multicultural high streets in the UK so you will also have a great blend while here.

Evington Road

If the housing prices are not much of a concern, then Evington Road could be a great place for you. It might be a little noisier but life there has more of a buzz and you definitely have all the amenities that you will need there.

Leicester is a great place for you to live. There are plenty of neighbourhoods for you to choose from depending on your preference, the budget you have and perhaps proximity to the city or presence of ring roads. Whatever your criteria are, you will find some great place for you to stay.

Top 7 Places to Visit in Leicester

With a population of about 330,000, Leicester is the tenth largest city in the UK and of course home to Urban BodyFit Personal Trainers in Leicester. The most astounding fact is that it has the largest population of 19 year olds and under making it a youthful city and for the young at heart. Other than having a vibrant population, it also has plenty of things that you can do while here.

The national space centre

This is as close to getting into space that you can get. Aboard a 42m high rocket, your dream to be an astronaut can finally be realized here. Other than the rocket tower, you also get a chance to see the space suits that have been used in the past. For the children, there is the Sir Patrick Moor’s Planetarium with more than enough wonders of the sky to keep any child glued.

Laserforce Leicester

With a largely young population, you expect the city to be filled with great sports where the strong-willed and enthusiastic youngsters can go. The LaserForce is one of the best places for you to be. Here, the teens can choose to be either a hero or villain in space and you get the weaponry to go with your preferred look. Your kids will definitely love to come back to this unique place. Did you know Leicester City also won the Premier League in 2016?!

Congo River Crazy Golf

Golfing is a great sport. The courses, however, tend to be boring and monotonous and can quickly make an otherwise great game boring. The Congo River crazy golf course is a cut above the rest and brings the fun and adventurous aspect to golf. Here, you will find tunnels, abandoned trucks and inclines and other very impressive innovations that you will give you the rush that you’re looking for in a fun evening of swinging clubs.

King Richard III Discovery Center

If you fancy your tour with plenty of education packed in, then you will find this to be a great place for you to be. The center was built where the remains of the Late King Richard III were found and that is just the beginning of your learning experiences. The center has three galleries each with a different theme. These are the Dynasty (all about the king’s life), Death (about the death of the king at the battle of Bosworth) and the discovery.

360 Play

Here is another great place for you and the kids to visit. It is built for inclusive family time and helps to get the minds of the children going. Not only will your child have fun while here but, they will also be very safe.

Jewry Wall Museum

With all the young blood in the city, you would think it would be a problem to find a historical archaeological site. But this museum caters to all that and more. It helps you understand the lives and stories of the residents during the prehistoric era and the museum in itself is one of the greatest pieces of history that the city has to offer.

Abbey Park

Getting close to nature can be hard in times when the environment is yelling for help. Abbey Park allows lovers of nature to interact and features a river, has a pets’ corner and plenty of trees and shrubs.

Leicester as plenty to offer to those touring for the first time and those that cannot get enough of what the large city has to offer. If you’re visiting for the first time, you will definitely need to plan for many more trips to take in everything the city has to offer.