Digital Detox Boot Camps

In recent times, digitalisation even though with plenty of benefits has come at a price. The social life of most people has been transferred to social media platforms and there is not much that has been left to the good old days of meeting and talking. The digital penetration has gotten so bad that most people are oblivious to what is happening around them. The cost of this has been an inability to contemplate on what matters like taking care of your physical and mental state and instead focusing too much on your social relevance on digital platforms like social media.

If you feel like you have been drowning in the digital world and would like a digital detox, then we have just the right digital detox boot camps is for you.

What does the boot camp holiday have to offer?

Taking some time away from the all the digital infection and dependability is the perfect opportunity to help you reorganize your life and get back to the basics and reconnect them with the things that matter in life.

We have a fitness retreat and digital detox program that we are running for 2 nights and 3 days. During this time, participants will take part in different exciting activities and one of them is the digital detox. You will be able to pay attention to your body while fitness professionals take really good care of you.

We want to drag you aware from your normal gadget dictated life and back into the simple and straightforward life filled with nature and workouts that break a sweat. We will take care of all the planning from what you will do for the period that you will be with us to what you will eat. We will also use this time to teach how to live a healthier and more productive life and also how to eat healthily.

During your stay, you will participate in a wide arrange of activities along with other participants. These will include the Digital Detox Boot Camp challenge along with other activities like circuit training, boxercise, nature walks in the countryside and PT sessions among others.

Where will the boot camp holidays take place?

The goal is not to take you away from your gadgets but also to present you with an experience that you will never forget and one that you will want to take part in again in the future. For this, we have chosen the perfect spot in the village of Rothley. We have picked a guesthouse surrounded by plenty of vegetation and a beautiful landscape where we will take you for your digital detox.

The 4 double roomed and 1single roomed guesthouse is the perfect place for all our fitness programs and provides for the perfect location to remind you of just how much you have been missing while you were pre-occupied on your screens. The guest house has all the amenities that you will require during your stay and is very comfortable and cosy.

The location is also very convenient in terms of accessibility. It is just a 10 minute drive from the M1 or M42 and is also easily accessible from the nearby East Midlands Airport. You can make your way to the location using any of the options with ease and in a timely manner.

How can I be part of the boot camp holidays?

There are many reasons why most people would want to take part in a Digital Detox Boot Camp. While there are quite a number of other programs out there, there are quite a number of reasons why you might want to consider partnering with us.

Our digital detox program will have only nine members and other members of staff and the training team. The essence of this is to ensure that there is a low trainer to participant ratio to allow for a personal touch in the training sessions.

We have also detailed our program to take place in a span of 2 nights and 3 days. We don’t want to take you away from your lifestyle. We just want to remind you how great the outdoors is and show you how you can make your life more meaningful.

You will be able to not only detox but also take part in fitness exercises and eat healthy meals that will improve your general health and physical wellness. If you prefer, you can even make a reservation with a friend since our accommodation has shareable double rooms making it perfect for participants that would love to bring another person with them.

This will be a great time for you to experience the outdoors, meet new people and build new bonds, try out different healthy meals and learn how you can take care of yourself better. There is no question that it will be a time filled with loads of fun!

When can I start?

Our digital detox program is a 2 nights and 3 days program that is slated to start on Friday evening when the participants arrive and conclude on Sunday evening when the participants depart. The experience has been planned to be exciting, thrilling, fun-filled and most of all educative. After your stay with us, you will be definitely looking forward to your next stint with us.

To have a healthy and fully functioning body, you need to have to be stronger mentally and physically. With our program, we can help you achieve this and much more!

We have only 9 available slots so make your booking now and secure your participation in this great event.

Why Choose Us?

Weekend get-away – we have planned for the event to take part over the weekend so that your work hours are not inconvenienced. While with us, you will be able to take a back seat to see what nature has to offer away from the demands of work and family.

Personal approach – to achieve the best results, we have only have a small number of participants to allow us to attend to you better. You will have the attention of a professional at all times during workouts and other activities to maximise your results and your time.

It’s been four months and I have started getting some great results. Thanks to Scot for encouraging me to keep going. I was already starting to give up. Rob Vicars, Market Harborough