Fat Loss Boot Camp Leicester

When looking to lose some pounds, there are plenty of methods that are available on the internet most of which promise great results with you doing little or nothing at all. However, the safest and surest way to lose weight and build some muscle is to getting into the gym and working out some sweat.

We know that in current times setting time aside to hit the gym is difficult. To help you achieve your weight goals, we have set up a fat loss boot camp Leicester that will be convenient and effective in helping you cut down the pounds and get closer to getting to your ideal weight. With our fat loss program, we will get our participants away from the distractions of the day to day life to let them focus on weight loss for an entire weekend. Here is how you can be part of our weight loss program.

What does the boot camp holiday have to offer?

Our goal is to provide you with the best experience and away from the distractions of city life. We have a serene guesthouse with 4 double rooms and 1 single room located in the serene and beautiful village of Rothley. The guesthouse is filled with all the amenities that you’re going to need and features a private training studio where some of our fitness training sessions will take place.

Other than being the perfect location for your fat-loss packed weekend, the guest house is also conveniently located with close proximity to an airport and also very easily accessible by road. The guesthouse is just a 10 minute drive from the M1 and M42. The East Midlands Airport is also close to the guesthouse which makes it possible to arrive by either of the means with utmost convenience.

The boot camp will be a 2 nights and 3 day event filled with different activities to give you that holiday experience while offering you plenty of workouts for your body and mind. Some of the activities that you should expect to take part in while at the event include the 2 day fitness boot camp. You will also take part in boxercise and circuit training.

Participants will also take part in walks in the stunning countryside and take part in PT sessions. All these will be for the sake of giving you a new experience and helping you adopt a healthier and more physical approach to life.

Other than offering you with the workout you need during the Fat Loss Boot Camp in Leicester, we will also provide you with meals. The meals offered include breakfast, lunch and also evening meals. All the meals will be prepared by our nutritionists. During the boot camp, we want you to have the most benefits and we believe adopting a double-pronged approach will ensure that we are able to achieve that.

For the perfect holiday experience, we also have a digital detox program. We don’t want you to be disturbed and we would love for you to take in your experience without any distractions. With the digital detox, you will be able to free your mind from all the worry and anxiety and concentrate on having a good time. You will also have the opportunity to actually socialize with other people and have a chance of building relationships that could last a lifetime.

Where will the boot camp holidays take place?

In the current times, it is hard to just get time for yourself even an hour. With all the work, busy social life and running after the children, the only time you get for yourself is when sleeping and even then, your sleep is constantly interrupted by calls and children.

With our fat loss boot camp Leicester, we aim to provide you with an entire weekend just for you. With our one weekend retreat, you will be able to make life changes to your weight and even your diet for a healthier and fitter you. With our innovative and effective workouts and also the tips you get from the nutritionists, you will have enough knowledge to change your life for the better going forward.

You may also prefer coming for our fitness retreat weekend because you can bring a friend or spouse to motivate each other. Our guesthouse has double rooms available which allow for sharing in case you would like to bring another person. There is also a single room for those that would prefer to stay alone.

This is not only a boot camp but an experience that is tailored at offering you a mind blowing opportunity to get to meet other people, interact with nature and renew your mental and physical state with the help of professionals.

How can I be part of the boot camp holidays?

Our fat loss boot camp is slated to take part over a single weekend. Our guests will be expected to arrive on Friday afternoon when our program begins and run until Sunday evening when the guests will be expected to leave. At the end of your stay, you will feel re-energized and ready to do the same thing again!

We strongly believe that a healthy and quality life greatly depends on your physical and mental state and our aim is to help strengthen you as a person and consequently improve your life.

We only have 9 available spaces at the time so get in touch now to book yours.

Why Choose Us?

Personal touch – we have intentionally made the boot camp a small gathering to ensure that the trainers are able to serve all the guests at a personal level. We are more interested in your progress and hence the emphasis on offering better personal experience.

Result oriented – even though for a weekend, the aim of the program is to give you results. With our approach, you will be able to notice results both in short term and long term.

Wholesome – the boot camp is not only centred on improving your fitness but you as a person. Our activities will help you shed weight and at the same time improve your mental and spiritual state. The benefits are limitless.

I love my first session with Scott. I was concerned about how it would go but it was great. I was a little off but he took the time to explain everything clearly and even though he is very strict with processes, I believe it was to my benefit. He definitely seems to understand and love what he does.. Rob Vicars, Market Harborough