Kettlebell Training Leicester

Offering Kettlebell training in Leicester and surrounding areas, Urban BodyFit Leicester Personal Trainers are here to help.  Kettlebell or Kettlercise as we also like to call it is a workout that is ideal for all kinds of people at all kinds of different fitness levels. The classes for this workout take about an hour or so and beginners start with mastering the swings which can be very interesting. Depending on your skill level and strength, our team of trainers will assign the right kettlebell to you and you’re ready to get started.

If you have any questions about the class, how you can enrol or any other questions related to fitness, you can get in touch. We will offer you a free consultation where you can ask all those questions and even get a personal guided tour for that first-hand experience. If you are looking for kettlebell training in Leicester, get in touch with Urban BodyFit.

Why Choose Kettlebell Training

  • Never Boring, Fun and Varied – Kettlercise might not have those long poses. But, there are ways to keep you excited with the different workouts and varied speeds. The different motions keep you on your toes and very attentive.
  • Fun and Easy – You will only need a kettlebell as your primary workout partner. It more affordable for you especially if you would like to take some of your routines with you and try them at home.
  • Full Body Workout – Kettlercise can easily become family fun. It is for all ages, sizes and helps with toning and conditioning. All you have to do is pair the participants with the right kettlebell. Our professionals will be more than happy to help you with that.
  • Perfect for Burning Fat – Kettlebell exercises are more effective at burning fats than using some of the machines like bars and dumbbells. They can also be used in so many ways making them more user-friendly and economical.

I’ve been Kettlercising for about three weeks now. I can now see my navel and wear my beach short without having everything flowing all over. Thanks to Scott. He got me to come back after an exhausting first lesson and I’m happy I listened to him. Julie Linwood, Loughborough