How Did Leicester City Win the Premier League in 2016

I am lucky to offering personal training sessions in Leicester, yes Leicester, the city that won the premier league! I also wrote a blog post on the best 7 places to live in Leicester which is a good read. Going into the 2015 – 2016 Leicester City’s odds to win the Premier League was a paltry 5000 – 1. Simply put, there was no chance they would have won the league. Yet, by the time the league was concluding, the Foxes had the trophy in the bag much to the dismay of the fans and the soccer fraternity. How did they pull this off? Could it be that they had gotten so lucky so many times or was it a carefully choreographed plan that saw them reap big in a very short time? Here are some of the factors that could have helped Leicester pull of the biggest underdog miracles in the history of soccer.

The usual top 4 tumble

Over the past 20 seasons, the premier league trophy has been won by a total four teams. These are Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City and most recently Leicester City. After the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, and the failed attempt of David Moyes, Manchester United went into full rebuild mode. Chelsea, on the other hand, was reeling with a lack of ideas after the sacking of Jose Mourinho.

The teams that would have taken up the void were Tottenham and Manchester City. However, they were either too complacent or confident in the squads they had at the time. This presented Leicester with the chance to swoop in and get everyone with their pants down.

Diamonds in the rough

Someone in the Leicester scouting team did a great job of scouting some great diamonds in the rough that over delivered and developed pristinely to fit the routine of the club and the performance. Jamie Vardy, Riyadh Mahrez and N’golo Kane who played an integral part in the win came in at a combined $20 million. The management and ownership of the team were able to work wonders with their shoestring budget and with their good coaching, young players that were not worth much came in handy to bring in the trophy.

Staying healthy

One of the greatest upsets in any sporting franchise is the inability of players to stay healthy. Injured players force the management to make some tough decision and greatly change the chemistry and coaching strategies. While the ‘Big Four’ struggled to keep their star players healthy, the ticking cogs of Leicester were always in action. The attacking line-up missed utmost 2 games while the central defenders only missed one game each. Whether this was a stroke of luck or proper planning and execution, it got Leicester the chances and the players it needs to bring home the trophy and bring it they did.

Leicester City made an already proud city even prouder. They wore the hearts of their fans and their determination to deliver with the right traction allowed them to finish their campaign seven points clear at the top of the table. While the win was never anticipated and neither was it expected, the fact that it happened despite all odds is what is impressive about Leicester. It is a great experience to see such a young and talented team work so hard to deliver unbelievable results and Leicester did just that.

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