Personal Trainer Vs going it Alone

With the help of the internet and easier access to download workout videos and other materials. Considering that for most people going it alone was a preference, the presence of such materials only makes the question of hiring a personal trainer more valid. After all, you have all your workouts, and there are downloadable workout charts and everything is detailed. Is there really any need to have a personal trainer?

Expertise and knowledge

Most of the generalisations and even the execution of some of the most common routines are wrong on many levels. While it is possible to do the workouts on your own, it requires a trained and very knowledgeable eye to point out the flaws in your stance and execution.


Having a personal trainer almost guarantees better results. With better advice on how to execute the different workouts, the impact on your muscles is higher and more positive. That being said, the muscle growth is significant and the results are usually better as compared to doing it alone.


Even with the help of technology and gadgets like fitness watches and the different apps that are available, the lack of physical presence of a person that wants to see the best in you drains your morale sooner than later. With a personal trainer, you have a person that commands you and makes note of all the positive changes. This way, you have a reason to keep going on with your work out session.

Also, knowing fully well that you’re not in this alone can be very helpful. It keeps you from getting bored and quitting at the first chance you get.


There is a reason why you pay a fitness expert. One of those reasons is so that they can help you actualize your fitness goals. Other than make sure that you don’t miss a single of your workout sessions, a personal trainer is also tasked with the duty of drawing out a game plan for you to follow. Typically, they will do this after having trained with you for a couple of sessions. This way, they are sure that the schedule they draw up is one that you can actually handle. They also make sure that you follow through with your session. No more making excuses just so that you can skip your gym session.

Practical Goals

When setting your own fitness goals, there is a chance that you will over estimate your ability and then be discouraged by the fact that you’re not achieving the goals as you had wanted or, you could also underestimate and getting there too fast makes you think you have had enough. Personal trainers are equipped with the knowledge and know how to help them understand how to set pragmatic goals for their clients. This way, you don’ have to overwork yourself trying to get to some unachievable goals.

Going at it alone is better than sitting around and doing nothing. However, if you have the financial capacity to hire a professional personal trainer in Loughborough, it is important to consider that. In the least, should you get hurt while working out, you will have someone with some knowledge of how to offer you some first aid.

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