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Are you thinking about finally taking part in that 10K? Or maybe you have noticed your little black dress can no longer fit around the waist and you would like to shed a couple of pounds. Your morning jog is great. But, if you want better results you will need to do more and have a structured approach to your workout.

Before you get scared and think of how hard that sounds, all you need to do is work with a personal trainer in Rothley and they will do all the planning for you and even help you execute.

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

Planning your workouts and knowing what you need to do sounds very easy for most people. But still, there are benefits that a qualified and professional personal trainer in Rothley will offer which could improve your experience and also your results.

Accountability – You will be answerable to the trainer at all times. He will expect you to start your workout on time and end on time. That forces you to attend all your work out sessions so you have a better consistency and better results.

Value for your time – the truth is, there are not many people with all the time in the world to dedicate to looking great and buff. You would have loved to spend a little time in the gym but your work and family commitments do not allow. A professional personal trainer is able to schedule and work around your timetable so you make the most of every minute you have with him. Regardless of how little the time is, the truth is, you will still benefit from it if you can utilise it the right way.

Better and fast results – with a detailed program and the keen eye of thorough personal trainers like Scott, you’re bound to put in the right amount of work over the right amount of time. You get to see your results faster especially because a good trainer will always push you hard. In most cases if you’re dedicated, the results are better than you had anticipated.

Why Choose Urban BodyFit?

Wondering why you should hire us out of every other personal trainer in Rothley?

You get a complete package – Scott is highly trained in different types of workouts and in nutrition with good understanding of first aid to common injuries. By hiring him, you’re not only hiring a personal trainer but a nutritionist as well. It helps if your nutritionist understands your workouts so they can match your portions for even better response and results.

Affordable – Our aim is not to leave you penniless but to make sure that you achieve your goals. Our services are very affordable and are of high quality.

Success Driven – We have the facility, the staff and the drive to help you succeed. We also have the experience and even our approach is client oriented to offer the best results possible.

"I have had very negative experiences with personal trainers in the past until my friend introduced me to Scott. I don’t think I will be hiring anyone else. No one is shouting in my ear or ignoring my comments and concerns. Best trainer a girl could ask for."  Samantha Butler, Rothley

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