Students Guide to Loughborough

Regardless of where you’re from, being a student and in a new town can be pretty stressful. There is a lot that needs to be order, not to mention the pressure of trying to get all those cool spots that the other kids hang out at. Well, if you happen to be in Loughborough and facing the same problem, worry not. This little guide could come in handy.


By the mere fact that you’re student, no matter how much fun loving and outgoing you are, you will need to enrol in a university. There is the Loughborough University Campus. It’s a pretty impressive university and one that you should definitely set aside a week or two to explore comprehensively. It has a great history with expansive and very picturesque outdoors.


You’ll need to eat and Loughborough has plenty of spots where you can do that. Carillon Court Shopping centre which is also the main shopping centre has quite a number of eateries and cafes where you could grab a quick bite. If you prefer to go for Pizza, then Peter Pizzeria is a great place especially for that traditional Italian style pizza. When you’re on a thrifty budget but still want a decent home cooked bite, the Loughborough Market is a wander round a local market. It is open every Thursday and Saturday with plenty of traders so you can easily get whatever you’re looking for.

Out and about

Whether it is for the nightlife or you’re simply looking to get away during the day, there are great places in Loughborough that a student can head out to. There is the Climbing Station for lovers of adventure or simply trying to look for something new. There is also the Chocolate Alchemy which is a great spot to grab a cup of tea in the afternoon or even some good old chocolate binge. It would especially be a nice treat for you and your parents when they drop by.

Free and Fun stuff to do

Don’t have any money? No problem! Loughborough will still take care of you. If you have a bike, you can cycle the Cloud Trail. Other than your love cycling, the route also takes a unique path which you will have to take on to find out the different features and landmarks that it has to offer.

You can also go for a picnic at Queens Park. Pick your friends and burst out the outdoors for some old fashioned picnic. You can make some sandwiches for lunch so you don’t have to spend buying food. It is a great way to have fun and not spend a penny. Whole at Queen’s Park, you can also visit the Charnwood Museum and update your history on the city. The museum is also a great getaway when the weather is does not permit for outdoor activities.

The Nightlife

It is not a student guide if there is no information about the nightlife. Luckily, Loughborough also has some pretty impressive nightlife. Paget Arms is perfect for the retro décor and a chilled out vibe. If you’re into sports, Griffin might be a better fit and for the ultimate fans of real Ale, then The Generous Briton is where you ought to be.

Loughborough has a lot to offer. It is great blend of the outdoors and the city buzz that most students are after. While here, you will be able to enjoy the greenery and the great scenery and at the same time, enjoy the exploits of a city.

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