Suspended Movement Training

Despite being one of the newer training methods that we undertake, suspended movement training has stayed steady to the test of Father Time. This method of training that is body weight based on suspension has proven very effective. You need ropes, belts, and straps and you also need an anchor point.

Unlike most of the other fitness workouts, suspended body movements requires a highly skilled trainer, aware of all the different workouts and the safety procedures that are required to run a session. Scott at Urban BodyFit will help you with all that. With his experience in fitness training, he will help you choose the best workouts for you and even demonstrate how to execute them safely. Get in contact with us today for your free consultation and we can work on your personalised diet and work out plan to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Why Choose Suspended Movement Training

  • Increased Core Strength – Workouts that rely on suspended movement training heavily rely on the core muscles. While the different routines work on other muscles as well, the focal point is usually the core.
  • New and Diverse – get on with the trend. Suspended movement training is one of the newer trends in fitness. The diversity in the different routines that you can work with makes it exciting and, it is every effective.
  • Better Balance and Coordination – Because of the use of suspension, you stand to improve your balance and coordination with suspension training. This might take time to realise but eventually you will notice.
  • Keeps You Motivated – Suspension training is based on body weight. You don’t have to worry about lagging behind and the bands will help you lift some of the weight. Seeing that you’re able to keep up with the routines definitely keeps your spirits up. It is a great workout for beginners.