Urban BodyFit is awesome. I got exactly what I was looking. I needed to lose a couple of pounds and their trainers took the time to hear me out and offered me a tailor-made package. That was so cool and thoughtful. They are not just about shoving workouts down your throat but finding solutions that work best for you. It is rare to find a personal trainer that cares that much about your well-being. Thank you guys! Andy Crouch, Loughborough

Got back to the gym after a 3-year break. Got to say my first session was gruelling but the female personal trainer really helped me get through it. I’m training for a punishing bike hike and I’ve got to say, I’m impressed by how far I have come. Thanks guys. I couldn’t have gotten this far without you. I was ready to give up after my first try. Meghan Gorm, Leicester

I’ve got the chance to work with many trainers but Scott was something special. He actually heard me out, wanted to know what I think about the schedules and time and the execution was not only professional but also very friendly. I prefer working out from home but I never have a problem with hitting the gym with them. Laura Croydon, Leicester

I’ve always been a couch potato until I heard my friend brag about their experience at Urban BodyFit. Had to try it and it was nothing like I expected. I got in for the Boxercise class. It was fun, engaging, and totally not boring. Sure I don’t like sweating but now I can’t wait for the next session. Oh! And Scott, thanks for the fist clenching lessons! Olivia Davies, Leicester

I still don’t like going to the gym and I achieved what I wanted at that time but, I have to commend the trainer. Scott was really nice and friendly and made me feel comfortable. I liked that he shared in my success, circuit training killed me, but worked! (thanks Scott!). He was genuinely happy for me when I hit my target. Thank you. Justine Carroll, Leicester

Urban BodyFit changed my perspective on fitness, physical health and working out. It can be fun, interesting and captivating. You just need to find the right trainer who can identify what works best for you. Thanks guys for making the effort. Let me know when I can start my next session. Lucinda Florence, Leicestershire

Recently got a baby and wanted to shed the baby weight fast but, my energy levels were still low. Scott got me on a good diet plan and work outs that helped build me back up. I feel sexy again and I love what I see in the mirror. Pretty impressive. Carla Ray, Leicester