Toning & Conditioning

Providing toning and conditioning in Leicester, this form of exercise is a great way to add diversity and fun to exercise while adding strength and beauty to those muscles. It is not enough that you work hard to build strength and cut weight, you also need to sculpt your body. The different workouts we have at Urban BodyFit and the training experts will help you turn your body into a work of art.

Our main trainer Scott will help you create a tailor-made program just for you. He will walk you through everything you need to know about toning and conditioning. He is a highly qualified and certified trainer and will take pretty good care of you. In case you would prefer any other types of training, he is also the best person to talk to.

Condition incorporates different types of training among them being yoga. It makes the process relaxing for you especially when you don’t have to lift weights. If you are looking for toning and conditioning in Leicester, Urban BodyFit can help. Not only do we offer classes, we also offer residential boot camps to get you fit.

Why Choose Toning & Conditioning

  • Increase your Power – Toning and conditioning helps in the uptake of oxygen and reaction of muscles making you a better performer and increases your power.
  • Helps to Avoid Injury – With better toning, your muscles are more elastic and hence less likely to suffer injuries because of their higher strain capacity.
  • Fun and Highly Interactive Classes – Conditioning and Toning demands different exercises and combinations making it fun and interactive. You also get to learn a lot from our experts as they give you advice on how to take care of your muscles during the sessions.

Scott is very friendly and professional. I learnt so much from him about muscles and the importance of staying in shape. Every session I’m there, I leave with a “Well done” to myself. I’m confident that I can now adequately exercise on my own, but I find it hard detaching from Urban BodyFit. Emma Kateline, Leicester