Top 5 Winter Hydration Tips for Workouts

The tendency to break a sweat over the summer months when working out is always thought to be the real reason why athletes and other training junkies tend to drink a lot of water during those months. However, even when the weather gets chilly during winter, staying hydrated is very important.

Even though the body does not lose as much water through sweating, there are other processes that make the demand for water while working out in winter just as important. For instance, the cooler air you breathe in drier. That means, it takes the lungs more work to humidify the air and circulate which takes up more water from the body. But, there are some clever tips that you can use to stay hydrated even in the thick of winter.

Start out hydrated and stay hydrated

The best way to keep your hydration levels high when you work out during the winter is to make sure that before you start the session, you’re well hydrated. Depending your preference, this could mean that you take plenty of water before your session or an electrolyte drink.

During the workout, in intervals of about 15 minutes, make sure that you sip on some water. This way, you keep your hydration level high.

Replenish the lost intake

There is a simple method that you can use to determine how much water you have lost in any training session. It might not be the most accurate method but, it can help paint a grim picture of the situation. Before you start your training, weigh in and note the weight. After your session, weigh-in again to see how much you have lost. Ideally, most of the weight lost will be as a result of lost water.

Once you know how much water you have lost, it is now up to you to rehydrate and replenish your reserves by drinking as much and as frequently as possible. However, it is always advisable to sip on some water as you work out.

Match your activities and your drinks

The biggest mistakes that most people will make when training during winter is to believe that water is the only thing they will need during training. As much as water is important, it can only do so much. If you’re training for about an hour, water would be great. However, if it is more or intense training, it is good to have a drink that also replaces the electrolytes and has carbohydrates.

Munch on some fruits

Taking water is not the only way you can stay hydrated. Some of the fruits that flourish during winter are great for rehydration. For instance, apples and pears are each 84% water. They are a great alternative when you don’t really feel like taking water or any fluids.

Eat salty foods

Another clever way to stay rehydrated is to retain more water in your body. Salty foods help with that. All you have to do is increase the intake of salty foods and soups and your water retention should be higher. But, it is not safe to take too much salt since this also has side effects.

It is just as important to stay rehydrated over the winter as it is during summer. As long as you’re working out, your body is going to lose water and you need to replace it as soon as possible. These tips should help you do that or, assist you retain more water.

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