Top 7 Places to Visit in Leicester

With a population of about 330,000, Leicester is the tenth largest city in the UK and of course home to Urban BodyFit Personal Trainers in Leicester. The most astounding fact is that it has the largest population of 19 year olds and under making it a youthful city and for the young at heart. Other than having a vibrant population, it also has plenty of things that you can do while here.

The national space centre

This is as close to getting into space that you can get. Aboard a 42m high rocket, your dream to be an astronaut can finally be realized here. Other than the rocket tower, you also get a chance to see the space suits that have been used in the past. For the children, there is the Sir Patrick Moor’s Planetarium with more than enough wonders of the sky to keep any child glued.

Laserforce Leicester

With a largely young population, you expect the city to be filled with great sports where the strong-willed and enthusiastic youngsters can go. The LaserForce is one of the best places for you to be. Here, the teens can choose to be either a hero or villain in space and you get the weaponry to go with your preferred look. Your kids will definitely love to come back to this unique place. Did you know Leicester City also won the Premier League in 2016?!

Congo River Crazy Golf

Golfing is a great sport. The courses, however, tend to be boring and monotonous and can quickly make an otherwise great game boring. The Congo River crazy golf course is a cut above the rest and brings the fun and adventurous aspect to golf. Here, you will find tunnels, abandoned trucks and inclines and other very impressive innovations that you will give you the rush that you’re looking for in a fun evening of swinging clubs.

King Richard III Discovery Center

If you fancy your tour with plenty of education packed in, then you will find this to be a great place for you to be. The center was built where the remains of the Late King Richard III were found and that is just the beginning of your learning experiences. The center has three galleries each with a different theme. These are the Dynasty (all about the king’s life), Death (about the death of the king at the battle of Bosworth) and the discovery.

360 Play

Here is another great place for you and the kids to visit. It is built for inclusive family time and helps to get the minds of the children going. Not only will your child have fun while here but, they will also be very safe.

Jewry Wall Museum

With all the young blood in the city, you would think it would be a problem to find a historical archaeological site. But this museum caters to all that and more. It helps you understand the lives and stories of the residents during the prehistoric era and the museum in itself is one of the greatest pieces of history that the city has to offer.

Abbey Park

Getting close to nature can be hard in times when the environment is yelling for help. Abbey Park allows lovers of nature to interact and features a river, has a pets’ corner and plenty of trees and shrubs.

Leicester as plenty to offer to those touring for the first time and those that cannot get enough of what the large city has to offer. If you’re visiting for the first time, you will definitely need to plan for many more trips to take in everything the city has to offer.

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